What is cryotherapy?

Benefits of Cryotherapy Cryotherapy treats a wide range of issues from muscle, skin, and energy and mood problems. Forms of cold therapy have been around for generations. Recently new cryo locations are opening all over the world. Research has shown that cryotherapy provides both immediate and long-term results. This depends on the frequency of use. To achieve the best long-term results, complete at least 10 sessions over 2 to 3 weeks. As a quick overview, we gathered this cryotherapy benefits list, which is ordered by function. Physical Effects Reduced Inflammation When the user steps into a cryo chamber, they are engulfed with the cold liquid nitrogen that soon reaches below- freezing temperatures (under -200 degrees!). Like the effect of an ice bath, the chamber soothes muscles and aching joints. Cold temperatures decrease inflammation by triggering a reduction in blood flow. Anti- inflammatory molecules are then released to the inflamed area. Reduced Pain Cryotherapy reduces pain by decreasing blood flow to the affected area. It is best to use cryotherapy treatment within a day or two of an injury. The cold will numb these areas during treatment thus leading to the next benefit, faster recovery. Faster Recovery To get a patient moving again, it is important to treat injuries right away and begin the healing process. Reduced pain and inflammation helps users keep up with their activities.

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